Freya aka Exceptional


I wanted to let you know how Exceptional who now goes by Freya is doing. We fostered the day before Easter 2022 and eventually adopted her. She was one of the 13 shepskies. When we got her she was so

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Meeko aka Willis


We wanted to thank all the UPAWS staff for helping us find Meeko (aka Willis)! He is doing well and has become a best friend to our other dog Teddy and a loved member of our family. Here he is

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Aspen the Rooster

Hello, I just wanted to share these photos with you of Aspen! We adopted him beginning of June, this is him now. He loves his garden area and his favorite food is blueberries. He has 7 ladies to keep him

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Hi I got my 2nd rescue cat from here last Jan 7th.his name was Mitten. He spent the first 2 weeks under my bed…food and water on one side of my bed. Litter box on the other side. We changed

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We adopted the best dog from UPAWS in 2021, Ozzy the Great Pyrenees. I had been meaning to write UPAWS with an update for awhile now but am finally getting around to it. We had the pleasure of chatting with

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Greetings from Owen’s family!

It has officially been a month since Owen allowed us to be graced by his presence and he has been an incredible addition to our family. He learns new things every day as we keep up on

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I’m absolutely smitten with this beautiful girl. I renamed her Eloise and she is the most friendly reptile I have ever owned . She quickly explored her entire enclosure and even ate some meal worms after only a few hours of

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Big hugs of thanks to all who cared for me & helped make my adoption Friday possible!I just finished a 2.5 mile walk Saturday morning (while cooler & before the predicted rain). To be ladylike I’ll just say “All my

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Ariel Moo

Back in mid 2021 my mom adopted Ariel Moo (now know as Moo or Moo Moo) and she’s been so happy!! 

Her and her best friend Cow have the best adventures and love to play all day.  Moo’s hair has grown

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Hello Sushi wanted to say hi

 we are so happy to have adopted Sushi. She’s a joy!