Greetings from Owen’s family!

It has officially been a month since Owen allowed us to be graced by his presence and he has been an incredible addition to our family. He learns new things every day as we keep up on

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I’m absolutely smitten with this beautiful girl. I renamed her Eloise and she is the most friendly reptile I have ever owned . She quickly explored her entire enclosure and even ate some meal worms after only a few hours of

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Big hugs of thanks to all who cared for me & helped make my adoption Friday possible!I just finished a 2.5 mile walk Saturday morning (while cooler & before the predicted rain). To be ladylike I’ll just say “All my

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Ariel Moo

Back in mid 2021 my mom adopted Ariel Moo (now know as Moo or Moo Moo) and she’s been so happy!! 

Her and her best friend Cow have the best adventures and love to play all day.  Moo’s hair has grown

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Hello Sushi wanted to say hi

 we are so happy to have adopted Sushi. She’s a joy! 


Hi there, we recently adopted a black mouth cur named Ginger. I wanted to let you guys know that she is doing wonderful with our family and our other dog Bentley. They have become fast friends and spend a lot

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Mim aka Minnie

I’ve had Mim (now Minnie) for three months. She has settled in well. From the very beginning, she slept in a kennel with my little dog at night to give my senior cat some time away from kitten energy. It’s

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Remi and Indy

I adopted Remi (tuxedo) 2 years ago and he is truly one of the nicest kitties I have ever had. When he lost his sister, who I had also adopted, he was very lonely without her. So I decided he

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Apollo is doing amazing and is growing into a very well behaved young man.  He loves to play outside, and is friendly to all types of animals and is really growing to love people.  He now openly goes up to

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Tate (orange) and
Dominic (Grey

Amy and John here with a Happy Tails update for Tate (orange) andDominic (Grey). It’s been just about seven months, and they areendlessly entertaining! We moved from Michigan to Colorado shortlyafter adopting, and they handled the 4 days in the

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