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National Partners

BISSELL Pet Foundation

Who they are: BISSELL Pet Foundation, affiliated with the renowned BISSELL Homecare company, is a non-profit organization committed to pet adoption and combating pet homelessness. 

How they support us: BISSELL Pet Foundation’s “Empty the Shelters” events significantly impact pet adoptions nationwide, providing a platform for shelters like UPAWS to find loving homes for animals in need. As a grateful participant, UPAWS benefits from increased adoption opportunities and heightened community engagement during these impactful events.

Visit Website: Bissell Pet Foundation

Best Friends Animal Society

Who they are: The Best Friends Network is comprised of 501(c)(3) public charity rescue groups, spay/neuter organizations, and shelters actively saving lives and reducing shelter deaths locally.

How they support us: Being a network partner with Best Friends Animal Society provides UPAWS with numerous benefits, including access to a diverse range of professional resources and mentorship opportunities aimed at achieving organizational goals and increasing our life-saving impact. Exceptional organizations that demonstrate a significant and measurable impact in reducing shelter deaths in their communities may qualify for special grant! Additionally, Best Friends Animal Society hosts adoption events, further enhancing our opportunities to find loving homes for pets in need.

Visit website: Best Friends Animal Society

World's Best Cat Litter Original Unscented Natural Cat Litter 15 lb -  Walmart.com


World’s Best Cat Litter

Who they are: “World’s Best Cat Litter” is a popular brand known for producing natural and clumping cat litter. Their litter is often made from whole-kernel corn, which is a renewable resource. This type of litter is biodegradable, flushable, and tends to have excellent clumping abilities. The company emphasizes its commitment to providing environmentally friendly and effective cat litter options.

How they support us: They provide monthly supplies of high-quality cat litter at no cost. This invaluable contribution greatly eases the financial strain associated with maintaining a clean and comfortable living space for the cats in our care. Moreover, the program extends its support beyond the shelter walls by providing complimentary adoption boxes. These boxes serve as a wonderful gesture for new cat adopters, enhancing the transition of our feline friends into their forever homes! Click Here for more info on this amazing program!

Visit Website: World’s Best Cat Litter

Science Diet Logo             

Hill’s Science Diet

Who they are: Hill’s Science Diet is a well-known pet food brand recognized for its commitment to pet health. The company formulates and manufactures a range of scientifically developed pet foods, including both dry and wet options, to address various dietary needs. Hill’s Science Diet emphasizes high-quality ingredients, precise nutrition, and tailored formulas to support the overall well-being of cats and dogs. Their products often target specific life stages, health conditions, or breed sizes, providing pet owners with a reliable and trusted choice for their furry companions.

How they support us: Hill’s Science Diet runs a shelter program offering discounted pet food prices to shelters like ours, ensuring nutritious meals for our animals. Additionally, they provide free adoption bags for new pet parents, contributing to positive transitions for adopted pets and their families. Click Here for more info on this amazing program!

Visit Website: Hill’s Science Diet Pet Food

snuggles logo

Snuggles Project

Who they are: The Snuggles Project promotes blanket donations to animal shelters and is a project organized by Hugs for Homeless Animals, a humane education organization.

How they support us: We joined the Snuggles Project movement and encourage donations of yarn and support of volunteers to knit small snuggle blankets for the cats at UPAWS!

Visit Website: Snuggles Project

Contact volunteer@upaws.org to participate.

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Phone: (906) 475-6661
Fax: (906) 475-6669
Email: info@upaws.org

Shelter Hours

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 12pm to 4pm
Wednesday: 12pm to 4pm
Thursday: 12pm to 4pm
Friday: 11am to 4pm
Saturday: 11am to 4pm
Sunday: 11am to 4pm


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