Volunteer Vets for Homeless Pets – July


July Volunteer Vet for Homeless Pets: Thank you to Dr. Tracy Nyberg of the Bayshore Veterinary Hospital for donating her services today. Dr. Nyberg spent time and examined many pets at UPAWS! We are very, very thankful for Dr. Nyberg for spending time with the animals at UPAWS and we are grateful for the Volunteer Vet for Homeless Pets Program that helps the animals and keeps cost down at UPAWS.Volunteer Vets for Homeless Pets is a program where every month a local vet comes to UPAWS to check out the animals waiting for adoption. This will help the homeless pets of UPAWS get the medical attention they need and provide UPAWS with a cost saving service.

We want to share a huge thank you to our Volunteer Vets of the Month of July, from the Bayshore Veterinary Hospital.  We are so thankful for their support for the homeless pets in our community. Thank you for taking the time to keep our UPAWS pets happy and healthy during their stay.

Thank you to:

Dr. Tim Hunt

Dr. Traci Nyberg

Dr. Danielle Hurley