Thanks for checking in! Thackery (now Binx) is adjusting wonderfully. He’s a very confident, spunky guy. He loves playing with toys, human snuggles from anyone willing to pet him, and following around his new big sister. She’s a 10 year old cat who’s warming up slowly to him. She tends to just ignore him and try to sneak his yummy kitten food.  He doesn’t mind letting her be the boss, but he’s definitely not frightened of her either.
He had his first follow-up vet appointment, which went great. He’ll be back for a rabies vaccination when he hits 16 weeks. He was eating and drinking pretty much immediately after arriving home, and he hasn’t had any potty accidents. We’re working on tables manners (mostly keeping him off our dining room table 😀). He’s a special guy and we already love him to pieces!
Thank you!!!