Smokey Bear


Thank you for inquiring about Smokey Bear! He’s doing really great here, and settled in quite fast. We renamed him Walter, though we’re not sure he knows that yet, but he certainly knows this is his home. For the first week or so, he growled at the dogs if either of them looked at him cross-ways, but he’s pretty much accepted their presence here now. He’ll take a swipe at them if they walk past him too close, just enough warning to keep them on their toes!

He’s even comfortable enough with them to get this close: All five us watching a movie together! Walter has even slept in our bed with us (where the dogs sleep every night too) a few times. He absolutely loves beards, and rubbing his face against them, and is the most snuggly cat we’ve ever met. We can always tell when he’s blissfully happy, as opposed to just adequately happy, because he’ll start drooling in addition to purring haha!

He’s a wonderful cat and we’re so lucky to have him!
Thank you,
Clinton & Lindsay