Shadow aka Vixen

This is an update on Shadow (Vixen) from the reindeer litter of October 2006. We adopted Shadow 13 years ago on December 13th. Would this be considered a golden adoption? 😉 Who knew this girl could add so much to our family. She’s loved beyond measure and we have been truly blessed to have her as a part of our lives. She’s definitely been a spoiled girl. She gets to snuggle in bed with her mom and dad. Go camping in the summer. Take walks in the woods multiple times a week. And gets lots ofloving throughout each and every day. We sure got ourselves a lover when we adopted this one. Thank you, UPAWS, for all the love connections you’ve made between us human folks and our adopted babies. 

The Nicholas Family

Attached is a picture from just after we brought her home. And one from this fall