Regis aka Reggie

Happy Tail on Regis (now renamed Reggie):

Just wanted to let you know how well Reggie has been doing.

He took to Denise before we were out of the parking lot. He loves his new Gma and doesn’t let her out of sight. He didn’t care for Gpa too much to start with but he and I are buddies now.

He found his niche with the other six dogs right away. And over all they all get along very well. Two of the females have taken to cleaning his face which he tolerates.

He eats kibble now the same as the other dogs. He picked it up right away from them. We have also taken him off his medication as he gets a fair amount of exercise and doesn’t seem to need it any longer.

He sleeps on the bed with the rest of us and in the morning is usually under the covers. He is nice and warm to sleep with.

His potty training is… Eh. He goes outside more than inside. But he has no qualms about leaving a calling card.

He DOES bark. His Gma calls him Reggie Rooster. I call him LLCoolReg.

He has had a hair cut but we didn’t bath him as it has been too cold.

He LOVES to go for car rides. He has a new jacket and as soon as he sees he it he knows what’s up.

He is a good boy and a welcome member to the family. I foresee that he will be with us for the rest of his days. May they be many.

With our thanks,

Michael and Denise