Pepper the cat

Update on Pepper:

I thought I would give you an update on Pepper the cat. I adopted her December 5. We started in the bathroom, then the bedroom, now she is all over the house. She does not like to be held very long, but she does rub all over your legs and enjoys being petted wherever she lays. Her stitches have healed nicely, and she is eating Dr. Tim’s food regularly. AND she is using the litter box like a trouper!!!

Let’s just say that the interaction between Nuggets (the beagle) and Pepper will take a little more work. Pepper chased the dog into the bathroom and sat in front of the open door. And bless her heart, our little beagle was afraid to come out until Pepper moved. I can see who will have the upper hand in this relationship.

Thank you again for providing for all the animals and allowing Pepper to come into our home!

Mary G.