I wanted to give an update on Pebbles. She’s continuing to settle in, though it has, admittedly, been a challenge. In fifteen years, it doesn’t look like anyone adequately house trained her or taught her house manners so she’s been slowly learning how to be a house dog. My vet wonders if she was a breeding dog for much of her life. In addition, she’s had a strong cough, and what everyone thought was upper respiratory stuff has turned out to be an enlarged heart pushing against her throat, the early stages of heart failure. She’s on medicine but there’s not much treatment for it but to wait and see.

And yet…I have absolutely no regrets about bringing this dog home. She’s an amazingly sweet girl who cuddles up to me every night in bed, pushing her head against my face and loyally moving with me if I toss and turn in bed. She wants to please so much and she’s learning to ring a bell if she wants to go to the bathroom. And she’s so intelligent and ready to learn something new, even at her age. My cat loves her and my other beagle is her sister. In fact, I was rough housing with my other beagle in the floor one day and she got really upset. She apparently had never seen a human and a dog play before and she stepped in to protect her sister, assuming I was hurting my other beagle. It was beautiful to watch.

I have no idea how long Pebbles will be with me, but I am so glad you rescued her and that I’ve had the opportunity to have her as a part of my fur family. Taking in a senior dog, especially one as old as Pebbles, is always a risk. But the risk is worth it to have the unconditional love and faithfulness of a senior dog living out their last days with you.

Thank you so much and I’ll keep you updated on Miss Pebbles.