When little Kaboo came in it took two days for him to venture out and explore.
We have dogs and another cat, they are all adjusting nicely.
Baby gates are in place so he always has a safe place to retreat while he’s getting use to us.
I was able to look at his x-rays and asked Dr. Jandron to send them out to a specialist to see if anything can be done.
We may be looking at an ultrasound in the future depending on what the specialist says.
We all fell in love very fast, my grandkids understand they must be gentle and quiet with him. I was told about the abuse by the child in his former home so I explained the best way I could to the grandkids. One is 3 1/2 and the other is 19 months, they made me very proud with their soft voices and gentle hands.
He’s winning over our  other cat Ciao Ciao we adopted her from UPAWS also. I can’t remember her kitten name, she was adopted along with her sister Mia, which unfortunately is missing. Her picture hangs behind your counter. 😢
Kaboo likes to be up high and watch the dogs play, sit in the window and watch the birds and chickens. We love watching him discover new things, he truly is a special boy and I really hope he has a long life being spoiled rotten!
Kim & Kaboo Black
and family