Johnny aka Meeko

Thank you for the email and checking up on how things are going!

First, we decided to name him Meeko (after the racoon on pocahontas…my kids love that movie and thought with his black spots he looked a little bit like a raccoon) and he is an amazing cat! We just love him so much! He is so sweet and loves attention, he even tries to get love from the dogs! He did take some time adjusting to his new home but now that he has he is doing great! We were definitely worried how it would go with him and our 3 dogs (2 German Shepherds and a Morkie) but he actually loves to cuddle them and nap with them and after a few days of adjustment the dogs have decided he isn’t so bad and will let him hang out and our female shepherd has really bonded with him, she cries when he goes into his room and she can’t go in and she licks him as much as he allows! lol

We are so grateful to have found him and are so glad he fits in with our crazy household! Thank you so much for helping us find our newest family member!
Forever grateful,
The Carnline Family