India & Jasmine

These two kittens are the happiest and most loving kittens I have ever had…..I think it has a lot to do with the loving care they received at UPAWS while waiting for their forever home.
They play, fight (sometimes a little too rough with each other), and sleep piled on top of one another. They wash each other frequently and are getting along just great.
They have adjusted to their new home quite well. They are on the run all day up and down the stairs chasing one another. They make me nervous when they walk across the support beams in the house, tho. I stand under them in case they fall.
I have attached a pic of them playing “Cat Alone” ladybugs on the tablet. They love that game, amongst all their toys, the favorite of each is the fluffy birds filled with catnip I picked up for them at Mares Z Doats. They can play individually with those off and on all day long. They also enjoy cat fishing on the tablet. I have attached another pic of the two of them crashed out after a hard day of non-stop play.
Thank you for having these two kittens there available for adoption. They are truly a blessing for me.