Freya aka Exceptional


I wanted to let you know how Exceptional who now goes by Freya is doing. We fostered the day before Easter 2022 and eventually adopted her. She was one of the 13 shepskies. When we got her she was so thin and afraid of everything. Time and lots of patience went into making this little girl something special. She is so confident now and will take charge of things. It has been so amazing to watch her grow and be a dog. Learned her favorite toy is of course the squeaky balls. She’s a couch potato. Likes to be curled up in the smallest ball possible. She is picky on her treats and doesn’t care for the hard bone treats.  She still doesn’t know what to think of our (4) ferrets so she is never left alone with them and the neighbor cats know to walk around the yard not through the yard as she has chased them enough times. We ended up having to purchase an Impact kennel for her since she escaped the wire kennels, the plastics kennels, and the plastic INSIDE the wire kennel. She hasn’t escaped the impact!! It has also helped calm her high anxiety she has. She knows if she sees the cheese slice she gets in her kennel without anyone saying anything!! There is no struggle.

 Ms Freya has been told by so many people that she’s so pretty. She loves meeting people and even more loves meeting dogs. She has completely come out of her shell. It’s awesome to go through the experience of having a bad situation abused dog and watch them become a dog and learn things like the leaf falling from the tree isn’t scary anymore. When 4th of July comes around she is totally clam with the parades and actually watches the fireworks! 

Shes doing very well and has even re-met one of her brothers! Doggie DNA is what’s up next for her.