I wanted to send this as a Very Happy Tail about our boy Dexter. In 2013 my husband & I were given the joy of being able to bring Dexter home to live out his final months due to his progressing renal failure. After we brought him home, it was hard to think that he would be gone so soon.
Here is where it gets to the very happy tail ….
As I sit here writing this, 7 years later, he is laying right here, sleeping next to me. Our sweet Doodle, that is one of his nicknames, decided that he was stronger than only months. Yes, he is older, he loves his sweaters, he moves a little slower, unless it’s time to eat of course. He is the cutest old man, who is the first one to greet you at the door, and the sweet boy who loves to wait on the stairs for his dad to come down for his morning coffee.
Thank you for allowing us to bring this sweet boy home 7 years ago.

Bless You For All You Do