Colby and Pogo

Hi there, just wanted to send you a quick update on Colby and Pogo who I adopted about a week ago. They have been renamed Harry Potter(Colby) and Ronald Weasley(Pogo). Harry is extremely friendly and loves getting attention and being picked up. He is very sweet. Ron is taking a little longer to get comfortable so I haven’t been able to get close enough to pet yet but he comes out at night and romps around with Harry. He thought about coming out to play with me when he saw the mouse on a string toy. He really loves toys. i believe he also loves my office chair when I’m not home, based on the clumps of white kitty fluff I keep finding on it. I think he will be a very good kitty when he gets used to all the sights and sounds. So happy to have both of them in my life.

Picture of Harry snuggling. Can’t get a good picture of Ron yet.