Cider and I wanted to check in again. We are enjoying winter so far, though his paws get a little cold and he doesn’t like to stay outside too long. Attempting to get booties for him was a big failure and I think his pride was a bit hurt with how much I laughed at him trying to walk in them… every step he tried to kick them off.

We went camping this summer and Cider proved again that he is too smart for his own good. He watched intently every time we unzipped the tent and apparently learned how to do it. 3 times in the night, he unzipped the tent and let himself outside. He was so very proud of himself each time. Fortunately, he came back each time when called. He has now proven that he is not a tent dog.

He has also learned my body language when he is going to get a bath. You cannot use the same tactic more than once and every time he just grins and bears it. That and how he learned about opening a tent by watching earned him yet another nickname- velociraptor. He loves to run around the yard when he is wet after the bath though, seemingly trying to air dry quicker. Then comes the flying leap to rub himself in the grass. He is quite the funny dog.

He still surprises me with his antics and his personality. He is the most loving and calm dog I have ever met. He loves his belly rubs, his snuggles, and his friends. He is still getting used to men, but he opens right up with some that he knows well. Once he found his voice a few years ago, he won’t stop pretending to be a guard dog… if the person gets too close, however, he hides behind me!

I feel lucky every day that I found him and that he found me. I literally tell him that every night and that I love him, if I don’t, he won’t go to sleep.

Thank you all for my best furry friend.