Bobbette has turned into thee snuggliest, most playful, loving cat I have ever met. With her having the horrific, traumatic background she has I was not expecting this sort of affectionate, lovey, sweet soul that I was blessed with. She doesn’t care who you are, as soon as you enter our home, you must pet her, or she’ll walk RIGHT under your feet and talk to you until you do.( And I mean RIGHT under your feet, like…she’s been stepped on on numerous occasions, but never hurt


) She loves playing with toys but loves playing and snuggling with her big (dog) sister Poppy much more. Bobbette is so gentle when it comes to play biting/grabbing, she’s even fallen asleep with my hand in her mouth (like how a baby will crash while eating in their high hair) 🤣. I know I’ve updated before but I just wanted to show how much she’s grown since adoption day. She no longer has a scratch/tuft of hair missing on her nose, her fur has really fluffed/softened up, and her little tail “scab” doesn’t seem to bother her anymore. She loves all creatures, snuggling on moms chest and “love suffocating” her (lays her body across moms mouth/nose), buddy pooping with whoever is in the bathroom, catnip, scratchers, and wet food.  We tried to harness her to bring her outside but she snaked right on out of the cat harness; she was not a fan. Anyhow! She’s paws-itively amazing! Thanks again for taking care of this sweet girl! My life would be pretty bland without my Queen Bobbette around 🥰