Alistar aka GyoShi

Thanks very much for checking in.

We are happy to report that Alistar (now GyoShi) is doing very, very well. He has been with us in his new home for only a little more than a week, and already he is very much the center of our home. With each day, he is becoming more relaxed, getting familiar with the sounds of the house and of the neighborhood, finding his favorite spots to lounge, playing, eating (a lot!), and putting on some much-needed weight and muscle. He is the sweetest cat I have ever known—playful, sweet, curious, extremely affectionate and sociable (he is always in the same room as either my husband or myself) and even quite obedient (for a cat!). We are both completely smitten with him. Within the first few hours of his arrival here last Saturday, he was ready to start exploring his new home one room at a time, looking to make sure that I was with him. For his first few days here, one of us was around at all times, but gradually he has adjusted to being on his own for a couple of hours at a time. He always greets us when we return and wants to cuddle and play. I am writing a book this summer and he is always in the room with me, keeping me company. His health is just fine, there is no trace of the upper respiratory issues he had while with you at UPaws. He is using his litter like a pro—we had one small accident last week after a day where there was more commotion, but we added another litter box for him and he has been just fine since then. We noticed that he has been drawn to eating some of the plants, maybe to help him with some fur balls, so we will get him the special plants that cats can chew on. Other than that he is perfectly fine! His new name, GyoShi, means “he who walks around” and “small tiger” and he seems to like it. In a few weeks, we will start trying to get him used to walking around the garden on a harness with us so that he can enjoy the summer safely Thank-you to all the team at UPaws for taking such good care of him! You are doing incredible work. We are so grateful to have found him, thanks to you.

I have attached some photos of Alistar/GyoShi in his new home.
All the best,
Caroline and James