We picked up Nisha (foster to adopt) on November 18 about 4PM and made the adoption final 10 days later.  When we came over to visit her she had just returned from being spayed and was still out of it.  We took her home that night to see how she would be after the anesthetic was out of her system, needless to say we kept her and returned in 10 days to have her stitches removed and finalize the adoption.  We live in Munising and it was easier to only make the one trip.  The staff at UPAWS was fantastic, especially Lareina. You folks all do a wonder job and a great service.

Nisha is fantastic, too date we have not had a single issue with her.  She is very well behaved, gets along great with our two cats and has even stayed alone in the home for a couple of hours with no problems (we tried crate training, but she was petrified of the crate).  We go for two, one hour walks every day in the woods, she always comes when called.  She has learned sit, stay, down, shake hands, roll over,  and to not go through a door before us.  We are also leash training and she will probably be off leash with hand signals within a couple more weeks.  What a wonder dog, we could not be happier.

I am recently retired and struggling with not working, needless to say she has been a life saver for me, thank heavens we got her.

Thanks again to all at UPAWS.

Carl and Nancy