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UPAWS Yooper Second Chances Transfer Program

Transfer an Animal – Yooper Second Chances Transfer Program:

While the Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter (UPAWS) primarily serves the residents of Marquette County, occasionally we do take transfers from other organization, shelters or rescues.

Transfer programs save lives, but they require a lot of work for both organizations. UPAWS partner shelters must juggle kennel space, arrange transportation and make the sometimes day-long trips to UPAWS (or a meeting place) and then home again; and UPAWS staff stays busy juggling kennel space, increasing volunteer help and helping with transportation if needed.

In order to best serve these transfer animals while continuing to provide excellent service to the people and animals from our own county, we do have some requirements and guidelines for organizations wishing to transfer animals to us. 

1). Transfers will only be considered when our shelter has enough space to healthily and humanely house them as well as enough resources to care for them.

2). In order to avoid any unnecessary stress that an animal may go through by way of transfer, we can only accept healthy or easily treatable animals, animals that are social, people and pet friendly — those who have the best chance of finding a loving home rather quickly.

3.) UPAWS is very proud of our bully breed adoption success and we are great lovers of the breed. We get many pit-bull, mixes and other bully breeds surrendered by people in Marquette County. Due to this, the UPAWS Yooper Second Chances Transfer Program will make a decision on the transfer of these breeds from other organizations on a case-by-case basis.

4.) We can not accept dogs or cats through the Yooper Second Chances Transfer Program with any history of aggression to humans or other animals. We also can not accept under-socialized or overly fearful animals, or animals who display significant food aggression. At UPAWS we do work with behaviorally challenged animals that have been surrendered by their owners, but cannot receive additional animals with these kinds of special needs from transfer agencies.

5.) UPAWS also has specific medical and behavioral requirements of shelters wishing to transfer animals.

For more detailed information or if have any questions regarding this process, please click the following link, and/or contact info@upaws.org

UPAWS-Transport guidelines

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