Wash n’ Wag Fundraiser Update & Photos

On Saturday June, 18th UPAWS hosted its annual Wash n’ Wag Fundraiser at Tourist Park. This dog wash event was a great time for all dog lovers! The weather was perfect and the dogs truly enjoyed cooling off at the “doggy spa.” The Wash n’ Wag event had some outstanding volunteers giving dog washes. Dogs received a free U.P. bandana courtesy of Yooper Shirts with every wash– they all sure looked cute in those bandanas!  Happy Dogs Grooming Salon also provided grooming and nail trims, or as we like to call them “pawdicures.”  UPAWS Staff members also provided an essential service to the dogs of microchipping to make sure if they get lost, go missing, or stolen that they find their way home! TacoMo Dog Training also provided information and training tips. Great Lakes Massage Academy even stopped by to offer dog owners some pampering while their dogs were being washed.

This event was a really fun opportunity for dog lovers to celebrate the bond they have with their pet.  Supporters enjoyed a $5 lunch in the park of hot dogs, brats, or veggie burgers with chips and a pop. Walmart and Great Lakes Coca-Cola Distribution generously donated food and drinks to help make this event a success for UPAWS. We even had a volunteer dress up as Scooby-doo to visit with kids and advertise the event throughout Tourist Park and the community.  With the help of our great volunteers, Happy Dogs Grooming, TacoMo Dog Training, and our supportive community of dog lovers and their dogs—we were able to raise over $1380.00!!  All proceeds will benefit the animals in UPAWS care and help them find loving forever homes.

Thank you to everyone who helped with this event and came out to support! Check out the great pics of all of the dogs enjoying their doggy spa day in the park! If you missed the event this year, be sure to join us with your dog next year!  Your pup will appreciate the day in the park with you, and so will the animals at UPAWS!