UPAWS Paws Park


May 22, 2020

Please read the entire announcement!!
In response to the Governor’s partial reopening of District 8, Paws Park will reopen on Saturday, May 23rd with Summer Hours 7am-9pm for members with RESTRICTIONS. Please keep the park safe by strictly abiding by these restrictions. If people do not follow restrictions, we will have to temporarily close the park again.

We have extended all memberships 2 months due to the COVID-19 closure of the park.

If you have been traveling, are sick, or have been in contact with someone who is sick, suspect or confirmed with COVID-19 DO NOT USE PAWS PARK. Please stay home if you are sick (Flu, Cold, COVID-19, etc.)

DO NOT ALLOW NON-PARK MEMBERS ACCESS TO PAWS PARK. This is strictly forbidden. Encourage visitors to pick up or download a packet and register to become a member.

Reminder: UPAWS requires the following vaccinations: Rabies, Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus, (May be listed as DHPPV) and Bordatella.
Current vaccination records are required as part of your membership. A copy of current vaccination records must be brought in person, mailed (PO BOX 968 Marquette, MI 49855) or faxed directly from your veterinarian.

Flea and Tick season is here! Please visit your local veterinarian for flea and tick prevention.

Enjoy Paws Park responsibly and stay safe!



Please take the time to read through this registration packet and familiarize yourself about the rules and etiquette.  We take safety at the park very seriously.  Familiarizing yourself with the rules and etiquette will help you and your pet enjoy your time to the fullest at UPAWS Dog Park.

The park is completely fenced in with 8-foot fencing and has waste dispensers and trash receptacles throughout.  There are two separate entrances (15 feet apart) from one another and a separate fenced area for small dogs, below 25 pounds, to safely interact. Large dogs are not allowed in the small dog area.  Small dogs (below 25 pounds) are not allowed in the large dog area.

The corners of the park fence have been rounded to avoid incidents and to discourage digging.  Every detail, from the rules and etiquette, involved years of research and development by UPAWS (ad hoc) Dog Park Committee. This is designed to help your pet socialize and exercise safely. There is a water spigot available in both the small and large dog runs, as a precaution for extra health safety please bring your own collapsible/portable water dish with you for your dog.

You must purchase a permit to use UPAWS Dog Park. Proof of current vaccinations is required to purchase a permit. Memberships are now available at UPAWS during regular business hours. To purchase a membership, please fill out this registration packet in full and attach a copy of vaccination records for each dog being registered.  You can also have your veterinarian fax your vaccination record directly to UPAWS at (906) 475-6669.

Annual Permit

  • Individual (per dog): $35
  • Family/Household (max # of dogs 4): $50

Seasonal Permit (Nov-April, inclusive)

  • Individual (per dog): $20
  • Family/Household (max # of dogs 4): $35

Replacement fee for lost fobs: $10.00

Dog Park Hours:

  • Summer 7am-9pm
  • Winter 8am-5pm

You are legally and financially responsible for your dog’s actions and any harm it causes to others.  See Dog Incident Policy. If you have any questions or need to report an incident please e-mail dogpark@upaws.org

By becoming a member you are helping homeless animals in our community find their forever homes.  Paws Park is a volunteer-driven project to create additional revenue for UPAWS daily operations.  We want you to take ownership of this park.  Once you are a member, this is your park.  Please remember this is a volunteer-driven project, and your support in keeping the park clean and maintained is important and appreciated.

Welcome to PAWS PARK!

 Download your: Dog Park Registration Packet