UPAWS Board Members and Committee Volunteers Needed!

Are you passionate about animals? Are you looking for an extraordinary opportunity? Serving on the UPAWS Board of Directors may be the perfect opportunity for you! There are many ways to volunteer and support the UPAWS mission.

Board of Directors: Board members serve three-year terms and Board members can serve for up to two consecutive terms. As a Board member you would represent UPAWS in the community and advocate for UPAWS mission, programs, and services. Click to download our BOARD APPLICATION.

We strive to have an inclusive and effective board to assist UPAWS in realizing our full potential. Our Board members are active advocates and ambassadors for UPAWS and are engaged in identifying and securing the financial resources and partnerships necessary for UPAWS to successfully advance our mission.

Board Committee Volunteers: Committees of the Board are an opportunity to use your knowledge,  expertise, time, and commitment to ensure the diversity of opinions for fulfilling UPAWS mission.

  • Board Development Committee: tasked with identifying, interviewing, and recommending qualified candidates for Board approval, identifying gaps in the current Board Matrix, and conducting orientation for new Board members, organizing continuing education programs, and conducting an annual evaluation of the Board.
  • Finance Committee: tasked with formulating and presenting annual budget recommendations, reviewing the current budget on a quarterly basis, and making recommendations for adjustments, endowment accounts, loans, investments and making appropriate recommendations to the Board.
  • Fundraising Committee: tasked with coordinating fundraisers, preparing fundraising event budgets and reports, and reviewing the fundraisers on an annual basis, and utilizing subcommittees to share in the duties of planning, preparing, and putting on the fundraiser
  • Strategic Planning Committee: tasked with ensuring the creation and monitoring of the UPAWS Strategic Plan, helping to guide UPAWS in achieving our goals.
  • Policy/Bylaws Committee: tasked with the review and approval of the UPAWS Board Bylaws and Policies, assisting with the review of Personnel Policies, Finance Policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s).

Interested in any of these opportunities? Is this the right fit for you? Please contact UPAWS at (906) 475-6661 or info@upaws.org