So Tucker has been with us for about 2 months. Within 24 hours after his adoption he was headed for a family camping outing. From the moment we started out until we got home he was great. He rode well in the car, loved taking walks but hated water (we thought for once we may have a dog that likes water). We “tuckered” him out during the day and when night came he settled right down on a blanket on top of my legs….he loves to be on you. One problem was that he still didn’t have a name everyone threw out names and the one that stuck was Tucker.

He has fit into our lives very easily. He is like a therapy dog when he does something that just makes you laugh…a real meaningful laugh or simply comes over to you and takes center stage and wants all of your attention. His canine sister, Ellie, I think is starting to like him….she just wishes he would play with a little less energy.
Thank you UPAWS staff and volunteers and everyone involved with bring Tucker to the UP!