Tate (orange) and
Dominic (Grey

Amy and John here with a Happy Tails update for Tate (orange) and
Dominic (Grey). It’s been just about seven months, and they are
endlessly entertaining! We moved from Michigan to Colorado shortly
after adopting, and they handled the 4 days in the car like champions.
They are now called Bug (orange) and Dewey (Grey).
Bug has a lot of Bug-like nicknames, such as Buggy, Buggy Boy, Mr.
Floppa and Stink Bug. Bug does not hold the orange brain cell very
often, as he is very clumsy and tries to eat anything he can get his
mouth onto.
Dewey has nicknames like Dew-boy, Dew, Duke, Dukey, Dukey Baby, and
Dukers. Dewey is the kind of cat that demands to be in your lap, but
will also push anything he finds off of counters and surfaces. Last
night he broke his food bowl!
They are nearly inseparable, and love playing, cleaning, and
especially sleeping near and on each other. If they aren’t together,
they are with us on a lap snoozing or vocalizing to demand our
attention. They have helped heal our hearts after the passing of our
first baby, Penny, to cancer.
Their antics keep us on our toes, but we would rather no other way.
Thank you for tagging them from a shelter states away, and trusting us
to love them. Trust us when we say, they are spoiled rotten just as
they deserve! <3