Tadych’s Econo Receipts help UPAWS!

Shelter supporters have been saving their Econo receipts for UPAWS for months, and we turned them in recently to receive a check for $3,775.47!

UPAWS has been participating in the Tadychs “We Share” program for many years & it has been a big help for our shelter.  We add up all of the slips that we get & in turn, Econo donates 1% of the total.

It’s an easy way to help UPAWS. Save your slips from Econo and turn them in at Mares-Z-Doats, the Westwood Mall kiosk, or the shelter.  

Thanks to Tadych’s Econo Foods for their help & everyone who saves their slips for us!

Photo: Fundraising volunteer Karen Rhodes & Econo Store Manager Zach Quinnell