Rodeo Queen

Hello this is Queen who was rescued when picked by my partner Cowboy. He said No thanks 12 times in a row to other girls first. After my owner told him he had such a tough life (six owners in his first year and half) that she wouldn’t bring home anyone that he didn’t approve of or be willing to live his house. She kept her word and I was  opportunity #13.   I turned out to be the one he was waiting for it was a love at first sight for Cowboy we all knew it when I came out of the house and he immediately play bowed to me. And it’s been Cowboy and Rodeo Queen together everyday since that  first afternoon.
Sadly November 20,  2016 Cowboy was so sick he had to be euthanized. I’ve been a very depressed Rodeo for nearly three months. To improve my outlook and help relieve my depression I took a job as a greeter at Salvation Army Store where  they give me lots of love and affection and I get to do a little shopping and socializing which has  perked me up because of all the positive people and attention I receive when visit the Marquette Store. You can see me on their Facebook website modeling many of the current fashions they offer for sale. Because my owner Sari Embley is such a believer in second chances or forth or 7th or whatever number it takes to find a forever home she thought you would like this picture for your magazine along our wishes for  Best of luck in the most successful matches in 2017 she really understands  what a difference a pet can make in your life it’s love whenever you need it and  can  be a mutual admiration society if enough time is taken to find an ideal companion for a single pet. Some are meant  to be friends for life just like people, that’s how Cowboy was he never forgot a friend even if it had been years since he’d seen them.

Thank you Rodeo Queen and Sari Embley, and the rest of the rescue family Nic, Docu Star, Capt Blue, Cecily and Cheerful. 80% who can trace their Upaws heritage.