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Paws Park Rules & Regulations

  1. You must purchase a permit to use UPAWS Dog Park. Proof of current vaccinations is required to purchase a permit.
    • Annual Permit
      • Individual (per dog): $35
      • Family/Household (max # of dogs 4): $50
    • Seasonal Permit (Nov-April, inclusive)
      • Individual (per dog): $20
      • Family/Household (max # of dogs 4): $35
    • Replacement fee for lost fobs: $10.00
    • Dog Park Hours:
      • Summer 7am-9pm
      • Winter 8am-5pm
  2. Maximum number of dogs per adult is 2 and both dogs must remain in the same run area with their owner. Large dogs (25 lbs. and above) are not allowed in the small dog area. Small dogs (below 25 lbs.) are not allowed in the large dog area.
  3. Owners cannot leave their dog(s) unattended in the run areas.
  4. Dogs must be wearing a standard collar at all times. No prong, choke, slip, pinch, or electric collars are allowed in the run areas; they must be removed for other dogs’ safety.
  5. Children 11 and under are not allowed in the dog run areas. Children ages 12-18 must be accompanied by an adult and are not to be left unattended in the run areas.
  6. Keep your leash with you at all times.
  7. Dogs must display their current rabies tag.
  8. Dogs who are unhealthy or in season (heat) are not allowed into the dog park.
  9. Dogs who exhibit humping or aggressive behavior should be removed immediately from the park to avoid the potential for injury to other dogs or owners. Chronic or habitual offenders and abusers will lose their Dog Park privileges.
  10. Some dogs like to mount—if yours is one of these, you must immediately separate to avoid any aggression problems from other dogs, or leave the park.
  11. Do not allow your dog to run to the gate when a new dog is entering; keep the gate area clear at all times so members can enter and exit without incident.
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  12. No person shall use the dog park for any solicitation or commercial use.
  13. Owners must clean up after their dog. Bags and waste receptacles are available throughout the park.
  14. Puppies under the age of six months are not allowed in the park.
  15. No smoking, no glass containers, no food, no alcohol or drinks of any kind are allowed anywhere in the park.
  16. No dog treats or toys of any kind are allowed anywhere in the park.
  17. No human sports of any kind are allowed in the park (rollerblading, football, baseball, bikes, skateboards, etc.).
  18. Do not allow anyone into the park that does not have a key fob. This is for you and your pet’s safety. Encourage visitors to pick up a packet and register to become a member. Report fence jumpers to UPAWS.
  19. Owners are legally responsible for their dogs and any injuries or damage caused by their dog.
  20. Failure to comply with the above rules may result in fines or revocation of your park permit.

Contact Us

Phone: (906) 475-6661
Fax: (906) 475-6669
Email: info@upaws.org

Shelter Hours

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 12pm to 4pm
Wednesday: 12pm to 4pm
Thursday: 12pm to 4pm
Friday: 11am to 4pm
Saturday: 11am to 4pm
Sunday: 11am to 4pm


815 South State Highway M553
Gwinn, MI 49841
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