We adopted the best dog from UPAWS in 2021, Ozzy the Great Pyrenees. I had been meaning to write UPAWS with an update for awhile now but am finally getting around to it. We had the pleasure of chatting with one of the UPAWS volunteers one evening when we were at the dog park. She mentioned that Ozzy had a few failed adoptions before we got him. He had I think, been in and out of the shelter since Aug of 2021 and we took him home Nov 2021. But, we were incredibly lucky to get to take him home with us.

He was incredibly shy and shut down after coming home with us. It honestly took a full year, and  lots of patience, love and tasty snacks for us to finally get to meet “the real Ozzy.” 

Ozzy is the goofiest, most stubborn, and fun guy. He’s traveled all over Wisconsin, Minnesota and the UP with us. He’s gone skiijouring, snowshoe camping, hiking, tapping maple trees, and on all sorts of other adventures with us. He loves to steal laundry, mail and our wooden coasters. He owns every bed and couch in the house and even has his own bedroom. He’s spoiled by his human “grandma” who always makes him work for his snacks along side his “cousin.” He has even tried his paws at yoga. 

His favorite things are long naps, barking at the wind, “patrolling” the yard, digging holes, belly rubs, running around the UPAWS dog park and most of all he LOVES the snow. 

Thank you to everyone at UPAWS for all the work you do!! We sure are happy we get to have Ozzy in our life.

The Wessels