Greetings from Owen’s family!

It has officially been a month since Owen allowed us to be graced by his presence and he has been an incredible addition to our family. He learns new things every day as we keep up on him with training. So far, he has learned to stay at command, give us paw, and he is currently working with us to walk at our pace by our sides. He loves his spicy brothers (cats) but they are still adjusting to him, and, while he doesn’t get why they don’t want to play, he is very respectful with their boundaries. He is a cuddle bug, especially with my husband and loves to sucker us for extra treats. Oh, and he LOVES car rides so much that we can’t help but make excuses to go places just so we can see him grinning in the back seat. We couldn’t be happier with Owen and we look forward to our future with him. 



Kylie, Dustin, and Owen “Owie Bowie”