Nona Ann Grigg

On July 27, 2016 I adopted my best friend Nona Ann Grigg age one years old Shorthaired cat from the Upper Peninsula Welfare Shelter. During the time that I spent with Nona at the animal shelter her and I made a very special connection.
When Nona and myself arrived home I brought her to my bedroom in the upstairs of our home where she spent her first few weeks being skittish and often hiding in my desk drawers or underneath my bed. I continued working with her and soon she was coming out of her shell in less than four weeks.
Today you can find her hanging out with the family in the downstairs of our home. She is now very curious and very vocal and will often be our shadow wherever we go. She has gained some weight but is very healthy, very well taken care of, and spoiled. When I spend time in the upstairs of our home she will often be laying either in my lap or in between the crook of my legs on top of the blankets stretched out like yesterday’s laundry.
She has a crotched pink catnip fish made by a family friend that she considers it to be her favorite toy. She will often bring it to bed at night and plays with it during the day. She also loves all her other toys and loves to sit on the window sills of the picture windows and watch the critters outside.
One funny fact that I have about Nona is that she does not like ceiling fans no matter if they are turned on or off. She also loves to bathroom bond with myself and my mom when we are getting ready for work in the morning and will often try to help make the beds by laying on top of the sheets.
I am so thankful to the faculty and staff of the Upper Peninsula Welfare Shelter for helping me find my forever best friend. She is not considered a pet in our family she is considered a family member. She even tries to lick my dogs ear once in a while. She spreads happiness and love and has an abundant amount of kisses for everyone.
Kelsey Grigg