Muzzle Up Project

At UPAWS, we try to find all sorts of ways to help our dogs improve themselves while in our care. We use different methods with different dogs depending on their needs. Positive reinforcement is always number one! One method that we have been exercising lately is muzzle training! Muzzle training is a safe, humane way to train and socialize your dog while keeping everyone safe. Most people that see a dog wearing a muzzle immediately judge the dog as “aggressive” or “dangerous”, which is not always the case. Muzzles are a great tool for people to use for training a dog. It helps a lot of dogs who may not get along with other dogs be safe when going out on a daily walk and also gain the socialization he or she needs to thrive. Muzzles are only “scary” because people have the wrong idea. Let’s change that and make it a positive!

For more information, please visit If you are interested in starting a muzzle program for your dog, TacoMo Dog Training (906-251-1230) has great experience and would be a great resource to work with and learn how to properly work with muzzle training! Breezy is an excellent example of the positivity’s of muzzle training! She’s a great dog with a lot of energy, super sweet, and very intelligent, but sometimes Breezy has a hard time with other dogs. She was not properly socialized with other dogs as a puppy so she’s unsure of herself and how to greet and play with others. UPAWS recognized this and we decided to get right to work on socializing her safely! As you can see, Breezy can now walk and socialize with another dog! This is GREAT for her! She’s doing very well getting to know China and we are very proud of her. If you see Breezy working on her muzzle training on a walk, stop and let her know what a good girl she is!

Breezy walking with China enjoying the day!

Breezy walking with China enjoying the day!






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