Murphy is adjusting very well to our home.  He is a welcome addition and is bringing great joy to us.  He loves to go for walks but doesn’t seem to like to get dirty, which is very funny to me.  He is learning to like, and play with toys. He has a great personality and likes to meet new people.  Not knowing much about him, I don’t know the routines and habits he was accustomed to, but seems to be going along with ours with no problems.  There have been no incidents as those mentioned by the previous owners, and he certainly doesn’t bark nearly as much as was mentioned.  He barks appropriately in my opinion.

Murphy was due for his Rabies Vaccine on 3/12, and it was done on that day.  The Vet said he looked very good, and he’s lost a half of a pound since we adopted.  He was portly, and the walks are helping to get him healthier.

Thank you for everything that you and the staff at UPAWS do, to care for the animals while they wait to be placed in good homes.  I can tell him a very loyal dog, and We Love Him!!