Mr. Casual

Mr. Casual, now Huckleberry (Huck), has fit in perfectly in our home. We had no plans of adopting a cat that day, but he chose our daughter, Abagail, and she chose him too.  We have another cat in our home, OJ, who I adopted almost 13 years ago (from Iron Mountain), he and Huck get along great too. Of course the first couple of days for OJ were all about hissing and telling him who’s going to be boss, but it’s been a few weeks now and he doesn’t mind him at all, they’ve began to chase and play with each other now.
Huck is very gentle with Abagail, she picks him up, plays with him, have tea parties and get dressed up in necklaces. They do a lot together, sitting on the table watching the fish tank, watching the birds out the window. He likes to make food messes, that paw always needs to be in that food bowl, he won’t eat off the floor (even though he puts it there!) so OJ cleans it up! And of course Huck loves the basement, lots of places to explore – he likes to be in my way while I do work downstairs on the computer.  He does have some more learning to catch up on – scratching is his flaw, but tin foil taped everywhere seems to be working.
We adopted JJ a few years ago from UPAWS, he was Abagail’s best buddy, she’s only 2 and still asks where he is, but Huckleberry makes her very happy. Huck is a joy to have, and I hope that he and Abagail will be best buddies for a very long time!
(Attached are a couple of collages of photos!)
~Stephanie Lake

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