It is very funny that I read your message today, because my son was going to write you guys a thank you letter because of the wonderful addition we’ve gotten to our family. Molly is still Molly, but her name has extended to Molly Fluffypants D’Ambrosia (leave it up to kids to be cute and silly). The only disappointment we have is her age, and that is only because she is an amazing dog that we hope to have around for a long time yet to come. Molly has adjusted well, the adjustment period seemed like it was only hours. Our concern with finding the perfect addition was making sure that the dog liked children and did not mind an active home, and Molly has been that dog. Our youngest is 3 and sometimes smaller dogs are finicky about their owners and/or they get the nickname “ankle biters” because of their temperament, but Molly is one of a kind! We did not hear her bark for the first 2 days and since she has only barked to let us know if someone is knocking on the door or creeping through the house in the middle of the night (but still it is a quick yip and that’s all). She has found her comfort spots in the house, she has claimed her blankie, and she and our cat Midnight (who we adopted from you a few years ago) have become buddies. The staff was absolutely correct when they said she liked to cuddle, she mainly sticks with me but if I’m busy she cuddles up to our son. Her mellow temperament allows the kids to walk her without her overpowering them, strangers to walk up to her and pet her (even children), and she has even snuggled up to the kids on different nights to sleep. If she ever gets tired or wants her space she finds a room upstairs that she wants to nap in and disappears for awhile. I was unsure of what her sleeping arrangements would be or how she would act through the night when we first got her, but from day one she has either slept on the bed with someone or on her blankie by someone’s bed and stays there all night. No roaming through the night, no begging for scraps, no getting into random things, no overstepping her bounds, and only getting on things or going into places when invited. We are all in love with her and she has become a very adored part of the family, even in the little time that we have had her. My daughter (the 3 yr old toddler) was sick one day and Molly cuddled up to her on the couch to make her feel better for the whole day. She loves going for rides, she listens to commands very well, she’s a lazy head that goes to bed around 8/9 and doesn’t want to get up and going till about 9 a.m., and we couldn’t have asked for a better fit or anything more. Our Facebook friends have got to see picture after picture of Molly’s infusion into our family, so I added a few pics for all of your enjoyment as well. And if you look closely to the one of Gabby on the couch sick you’ll see Midnight at Gabby’s feet, it just goes to show how close we have all gotten in such a short period of time.

I know Molly was in high demand, but we wanted to take a minute to say thank you so much for choosing us to be her family. I never could have anticipated how true her fit was to our family but now we couldn’t imagine life without her.

Thank you,

From the whole D’Ambrosia Family