Minnie aka Loki

“Minnie” (formally Loki) is adapting very well. Currently she is basking
in the heat of the wood stove while lying on the hearth. She is able to
enjoy short leash walks multiple times a day even though her leg is
still in a cast. She goes back to the vet again tomorrow to check on how
it is healing.  Apparently a 6-8 week recovery is normal and she is
about half way through. The splint does not slow her down too much as
she is able to motor around with relative ease. She loves her snow
booties and is quickly learning some basic commands and becoming house
broken. She loves to play with the toys you folks gave her as well as
some beef bones and a squeaky toy. She started wagging her tail on about
day three and seems to be adjusting to a quiet home where she is the
What a delight she is to have around. When visiting friends she gets
along with their big dogs and plays nicely .
Happy New Year’s and thanks for doing all you folks do for critters
large ans small!