Mim aka Minnie

I’ve had Mim (now Minnie) for three months. She has settled in well. From the very beginning, she slept in a kennel with my little dog at night to give my senior cat some time away from kitten energy. It’s now part of the nightly routine and they both run in when I tell them it’s time for bed. They both even tell me if I’m staying up too late.

Minnie plays fetch and loves to curl up with her dog and cat sisters. She’s currently a counter surfer and food stealer. I saw her running through the house with a potato in her mouth the other day. We’re working on that behavior. Lol. Her spunky personality seems to lend well to adventuring so I’m teaching her to wear a harness and leash so she can go on walks with her dog.

Thank you for all you do for the critters and people of the U.P.

Here she is snuggling with her bigger sister.