Hi there,
I first want to apologize for the long delay! I have been meaning to get back to you but have been pretty swamped, and I wanted to collect some photos of Sweetie (Milkshake) to send as well. She is doing well. I followed direction per vet and did a proper introduction, keeping her separate and slowly introducing her to her new home. The acclimation process took a few months but she and Boobah (a male, whom I’ve had for 13 yrs) have made friends and are both doing well.
She has put on weight, her coat is all grown in and silky soft; she’s still being weened from soft food but is doing well with that also. I don’t let her outside but there are many windows (we live on the top floor of a building she loves to look down and relax in the sun) for her and she has plenty of toys & scratch posts that we play with.
I am so happy that I added her to the family! Sweetie (a.k.a Sugar) is just that, so sweet! I find it difficult to believe that she was a stray or that someone would not have her in their home! Thank you for working with me on adopting her, Boobah and I are just pleased.