I just wanted send you a quick update about Marilyn. She has quickly turned from a mouse hunting employee to a member of the family. She still wants ALL the attention all of the time, which we love. She’s still a biter which isn’t our favorite, but we’ve learned to give our guests a disclaimer about her manners. She is loud…and mostly nocturnal, luckily we are sound sleepers! After being home for just a few days, we noticed she rammed herself along us and everything, as if she was uncomfortable. She also had very thin fur on her shoulders. We took her to the vet right away and they gave her an allergy injection and said if she was itchy from allergies it would help, and it did:) Her fur has really filled in and she looks great. Our tiny, old dog is very unphased by her and they steer clear of each other, which is just fine. She’s more interested in him than he is in her and she is happy to accept that he is the alpha of this entire family, weighing in at 6 pounds. She rid the new house of mice, though we don’t think she actually killed them, she just mewed so loudly they moved out. For the first two weeks, she paced the perimeter and scratched and mewed the walls at what must have been where she smelled them. Now that her work is done she hunts catnip mice all evening. She sleeps the majority of the day in a cat bed cube and roams around stealing our things at night. She is something of a thief, steals my husbands glasses and caps and hauls them to the basement. Takes any keys she can find, she even figured out a way to knock them off of the key hooks by the door. She is an avid paper money and jewelry collector and has quickly trained us to put everything in drawers! On warm days, she moves out of her cube and lays on the bed, on her back, in front of the fan


She makes us laugh every day! Thank you for choosing her for us, we appreciate you!