Luca and Brushetta

Both kitties are adjusting well.

Luca, the grey boy kitten, is as playful as ever. We have toys for him,  and he has formed a good bond with Brushetta and my kids. He has several sweet places he likes to sleep when the kids are gone. His favorite is a chair in our room.

Bruschetta is also adjusting well. We’re giving her all the time she needs to feel safe. She started out with hiding in new spots each time we found her,  but quickly picked one and let us lie with her on the floor and say hi. Now she spends most of her time with us in the same space. She plays with the kitten and turkey feathers, and uses the logs we have in the house to sharpen her claws.  She has a special place in a chair where she spends the quiet evenings.  She had let the kids pet her some,  and I’ve made progress there as well. She is such a kind kitty.

We’re glad to have both of them in our family.