Dr. Scott Jandron

Dr. Scott Jandron, Northern Veterinary Associates

My first experience with UPAWS was when I volunteered as a Pre-Veterinary student at NMU,
way back in 1983. I have been a volunteer veterinarian for UPAWS since 1992. I have been able
to witness UPAWS grow from a very small organization to a regional animal shelter with a state-
of-the-art facility. Some things have not changed since 1983. These include the commitment
each and every staff, board member and executive director has, and the quality of care and
love each animal receives when they are at the facility. Because of this, I happily allow them to
put me in jail and throw away the key until I raise enough money to bail myself out. Please do
what you can to get me out of jail, (or pay a little extra, and they might keep me locked up LOL)!
Remember, UPAWS is a vital part of our community. Every dollar is well spent, and it allows
them to continue to care for our strays who otherwise have no chance at a happy life.
$500 will get me out of jail, but I challenge all my friends and family to break the donation
record for this event! I will personally match donations in my name up to $500 to make this
happen. Let’s do this!