Andrew Lorinser and Bentley Ray

Andrew Lorinser and Bentley Ray

The Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter is near and dear to my wife’s and my hearts. We support the mission because we’ve been so fortunate to be beneficiaries of it with our beloved dog, Bentley Ray.

After the passing of my best canine friend, I visited UPAWS’s website to get some comfort from the smiling faces at the no-kill kennel. I stumbled on Bentley, an American Bulldog, and couldn’t get his story out of my head.

Bentley needed a family. We watched videos of him on social media playing with his girlfriend Rosie and fell in love. The next day, I rushed to UPAWs to see if he and I were a compatible match. He was well cared for at UPAWS with great attentive staff, fully vaxxed, microchipped, and neutered. We got the complete package.

Bentley and I are grateful to be included in this fundraiser, and we’re eager to get unlocked. Most importantly, it’s our goal to raise more money than my dad. Sometimes Bentley gets confused about his best friend, so we need your help proving to Dr. Bob that the UPAWS community likes our puppy bromance better.

Like Dad, I encourage you to donate to both fundraisers, but give us a little bit more.