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Home for the Holidays Kennel Lock-Up Fundraiser

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Dr. Scott Jandron

Bail $623.77 $6295.41

Dr. Scott Jandron, Northern Veterinary Associates

My first experience with UPAWS was when I volunteered as a Pre-Veterinary student at NMU, way back in 1983. I have been a volunteer veterinarian for UPAWS since 1992. I have been able to witness UPAWS grow from a very small organization to a regional animal shelter with a state- of-the-art facility. Some things have not changed since 1983. These include the commitment each and every staff, board member and executive director has, and the quality of care and love each animal receives when they are at the facility. Because of this, I happily allow them to put me in jail and throw away the key until I raise enough money to bail myself out. Please do what you can to get me out of jail, (or pay a little extra, and they might keep me locked up LOL)! Remember, UPAWS is a vital part of our community. Every dollar is well spent, and it allows them to continue to care for our strays who otherwise have no chance at a happy life. $500 will get me out of jail, but I challenge all my friends and family to break the donation record for this event! I will personally match donations in my name up to $500 to make this happen. Let’s do this!

James Larsen

Bail $2046.04 $4507.35

Jim Larsen, CEO of Upper Peninsula Power Company (UPPCO)

Since joining the UPPCO Team over 4 years ago, I became familiar with UPAWS and all the magnificent work that they do. My wife and I have supported UPAWS and have attended several of their fundraising events. We were even fortunate to be able to participate in the name a beer after your dog event, sponsored by Cognition Brewery. Over the years, we have taken in many rescue dogs ourselves and are very aware of some of the challenges these animals have faced prior to being rescued. It is thanks to the wonderful people at UPAWS that helps to save some of the more unfortunate animals and finding their forever home. Out of the many organizations I have supported over the years, it is hard to find one with more compassion, combined with being well run and organized to make a meaningful difference.

Brad Miller

Bail $1118.54 $5279.81

Brad Miller, Superior Collision

Thank you for helping support UPAWS, I will be matching all donations received on my page.

Vince Rose

Bail $2643.05 $2475.19

Vince Rose, 44 North Partner

I am a partner at 44 North. My wife Monajean and I have been supporters of UPAWS and are proud of their work. We rescued our dog Artie from there. He was a blessing to us and we enjoyed him for many years. My company, 44North and our team also support UPAWS. A few years ago we made a significant donation at Christmas to the new building. UPAWS is a terrific organization that our community is fortunate to have. Many people recognize that and have given generously. I am happy to support UPAWS again in this fundraiser …even if I’m locked up in a kennel for a while… and hope I can have a positive impact😊

Luke Hubbard

Bail $1137.95 $1252.41

Luke Hubbard, General Manager Fox Marquette Ford, Subaru and Chevrolet

I have been with Fox Motors for over 15 years and during this time, I have had the privileged to work with UPAWS on several occasions. We have done free pet adoption days, a Subaru Share the Love event and golf outings to name a few. As a pet owner, I am honored to have been nominated for this event. We have a 10 year old beagle named Trigger and 4 hamsters that we just got from UPAWS. We have seen some very bad treatment of animals in our area over the past couple of years and places like UPAWS have played a big part in trying to correct those actions. Thank you to UPAWS for doing what you do! I hope all of my friends and family participate and help where possible!

Bobby Reichel

Bail $1138.92 $374.29

Bobby Reichel, Principal, Bothwell Middle School

As a lifetime animal lover, I am proud to be a part of this wonderful event as I know UPAWS goes above and beyond to care for and improve the quality of life of animals that have been abandoned or abused. My family has adopted two dogs from animal shelters and we couldn't be happier to have them in our lives.

As a participant of the Holiday's Kennel Lock-up Fundraiser, I'm happy to partner with two of my students, Ava and Sonja, to help raise funds for UPAWS. They had plans to do a fundraiser within our school, however, they graciously agreed to partner with me in an effort to raise as much money as possible for UPAWS. Thank you Ava and Sonja!

Though I'm excited to support this wonderful cause, I'm not excited about the jail time I'm about to face. Let's work together to get me out!

Meet Bella.

Noel Navarro

Bail $567.88 $835.92

Noel Navarro, WLUC TV-6 Weekend Meteorologist & Multimedia Journalist

I have only been working at TV6 and living in Upper Michigan for over a year, but I have already experienced both firsthand and through news coverage on the amazing work by UPAWS – not only in helping our furry friends find a new family, but also in dedicating a safe and loving haven for them before adoption. I just want to support and help the non-profit any way I can, and feel the joy that everyone at the shelter feels the moment an animal finds their next forever home.

Kim Aisthorpe

Bail $604.23 $773.52

Kim Aisthorpe

Owner, By Kimgirl, Founder, Studio South MQT

I'm a local photographer and have been involved in multiple UPAWS fundraisers over the years, with pet portrait sessions and lifestyle sessions being raffled at the annual "Cause For Paws Gala". When I was told that I was a UPAWS Celebrity nominee to be locked-up and (hopefully) bailed out, I could not contain my excitement.

For as long as I can remember, there have been animals in my life, and for that I am so grateful. My pitty-lab, Jagger, is adopted and I can't imagine our home without him and his feisty feline sister, Carmella. Pets teach us humans what true, unconditional love is and UPAWS gives people the opportunity to show the shelter animals that same kind of love for the first time, and forever. I know that this fundraiser can make a huge impact and help UPAWS continue the incredible work that they do for the animals and families in our community, and it is truly an honor to be a part of it.

Pat Magdaleno

Bail $500 $764.87

Pat Magdaleno, Owner/Captain at Hooked Up Charters and Owner/Builder at MAGS Custom Rods

Ever since I could walk I have always had a soft spot for animals. We had 2 dogs growing up and since I have been an adult I have had 3 of my own. There is not much that compares to the love and joy a dog brings into your life. My sister got her first dog from UPAWS and it was amazing to see all the hard work they put in to give those dogs a better life. I chose to take on this challenge because I am a huge animal lover and it’s very sad to see all the dogs being mistreated and without a loving home. We can’t just rely on all the hard work they do at UPAWS, we need to all come together as a community and financially help as well.

Scott Willey Jr.

Bail $583 $610.30

Scott Willey Jr, Manager of Willey's Tire Shop

Hi, my name is Scott Willey Jr. I am the manager of willey’s tire shop in Ishpeming Michigan. I live at home with my fiancé, my son, two step children, my cat named Fluffles (we just call him kitty kitty though) and our snake, a baby ball python named tommy. We love UPAWS for everything that they do for our community and specially for the fur babies of Marquette county.

Dr. Mercy Odueyungbo

Bail $500 $634.46

Mercy Odueyungbo, MD, Owner of Lilly Dermatology and now appearing on Dr.Mercy on TLC and Discovery+

My intention was to work in Upper Michigan for one year before transferring to a bigger city, but anyone who lives in the U.P. knows that it’s a beauty you won’t soon forget. The winters may be cold but my husband, Tony, and I fell in love with the people and culture. In 2017 we welcomed our daughter Lilly, a true yooper, and officially planted our roots in Marquette County.

When I opened my own dermatology practice I knew we had to make our services accessible to as many patients as possible. My staff and I travel to Munising, L’Anse, Portage and Escanaba every day. Coming soon our main office will officially open in Marquette.

Although I am not currently a pet owner, my entire staff have cute and cuddly fur babies whom I consider to be my fur nieces and nephews. I strongly believe in the mission of UPAWS and feel honored to be chosen to help raise funds for our local animal safe haven.

Dr. Bob Lorinser and Bentley Ray

Bail $515.76 $523.32

Dr. Bob Lorinser and Bentley Ray

I am excited to be asked to participate in the Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter's "Home for the Holidays Kennel Lock-Up Fundraiser." The Lorinsers are passionate about pet adoption and supporting the efforts of UPAWS. I value its mission to care for homeless, unwanted, abandoned, or abuse domestic animals.

Peggy and I have partnered with dogs for decades until we left to go overseas to serve with the State Department. Most of our pets have come from UPAWS-like places. Throughout our marriage, we have taken in three dogs and one stray kitten. We thank adoption organizations for the enjoyment our pets bring to our children. I say we "partnered with dogs" and not "owned" because they are genuinely part of our family.

We are proud to offer our services as grandparents to our childrens' dogs, one of which arrived from UPAWS, Bentley Ray, who many know. Bentley is featured in two of these fundraisers because my family is competitive, and I intend to raise more funds for this great organization than my son and daughter-in-law. Bentley loves me more anyway. I encourage donors to contribute to both but give us a little bit more. :)

Keep up the excellent work!

Renee Prusi

Bail $500 $531.38

Renee Prusi, The Mining Journal

Through the years, the Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter has done so many great things for the animals and people of our area, there is no way I could say no to the opportunity to help UPAWS with this fundraiser. Our house in my growing up years usually had at least one dog, often a beagle, with names like Lightning, Flash and Thunder. While I do love dogs, as an adult with a busy work schedule, I am now a certified crazy cat lady, presently owned by 15-year-old true brother and sister felines Johnny Cash and Simon. Their sister, Garfunkel, crossed the Rainbow Bridge about a year ago. UPAWS does remarkable work matching people with pets. It will be a pleasure to help them continue that mission.

Kyle Miller

Bail $571.97 $437.74

Kyle Miller, Invisible Fence

Jessi Hurd

Bail $500 $502.04

Jessi Hurd, LVT, CHPT

Owner of Compassionate Pet Care of the U.P.

Co-Owner of Sheltered Harbor Pet Memorials

I have been a lifelong pet lover and turned that love into a career when I became a Licensed Veterinary Technician (LVT) and furthered that when I became a Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Technician (CHPT) to specialize in at-home senior pet and hospice care when I opened my business Compassionate Pet Care of the Upper Peninsula. I then also started another business, Sheltered Harbor Pet Memorials, with my husband making personalized pet memorial items to help families have something special to celebrate the pets in their lives. Throughout my career, my favorite thing has always been that one moment when a very sick pet that has gotten better, is reunited with their families. The immeasurable love that is expressed by both the family members and by the pet is the most heartwarming thing to see. In many ways pet adoptions are very similar; pets are going to their “fur-ever” homes with families that already love them. Because, you see, “love at first sight” is a very real thing when it comes to adopting pets. They say “money can’t buy love” but it sure can adopt love in the form of a shelter pet. I am very excited to get once again involved with and help support UPAWS. UPAWS doesn’t just adopt pets to families, they are tradespeople of pet love. I will gladly get “locked up” until others can donate enough to “bail me out.” Donate a little or a lot, it all goes toward continuing to care for pets before someone falls in love with them enough to bring them home.

Shannon Greathouse

Bail $603.3 $391.24

Shannon Greathouse

Owner of : Shannon’s Home Cooking, Dis n Dat, ModelTots, Sawyer Dis n Dat , and Trade UP Fashion

Hello there! I am beyond honored to have been thought of for this very special fundraising opportunity. I am not so unlike the pets that receive love and care at UPAWS. I have spent most of my life feeling like I didn’t fit in, like I was a stray. 5 years ago I spent time in shelters for domestic violence and was homeless. I had some pretty amazing people help me get back home to the UP and I have made it my mission to pay it forward. I was rescued at my lowest point in my life. The community I grew up in, they saved my life. It is an immeasurable gift to have a second chance at happiness and to have a place to call home.

Through a few of the businesses I have started, we have provided free meals for Easter and Thanksgiving, an Angel giving tree for over 200 local children, free furniture and household items to victims of house fires, and we have led fundraisers for many community members in need.

I am more than willing to help UPAWS with any of their endeavors because I strongly believe in promoting what you love. Where there is love in any form, there is hope for a better world, a better life for all of us… Humans and our fur babies alike. So yeah, I’m getting locked up. I hear there is a trophy going home with whoever pulls in the most donations towards their release… love and light to all, but I want that trophy.

Jennifer Huetter

Bail $500 $410.96

Jennifer Huetter, Brookridge Heights

I’ve always been involved in giving back to my community. As a former UPAWS board member and fundraising volunteer, I’m excited to help raise funds again for this wonderful organization. Dogs teach us how to love. Unconditionally and without judgement. After all, who else in your family will jump off the couch and run in circles when you walk through the door? Having a pet is a true joy each and every day. I’ve had two dogs in my life, Penny, was my first golden retriever. She was with me as a true companion for 13 years. Sadie is a 5 year old Golden Retriever who is full of life and love and isn’t happy unless she is with her people pals and holding a squeaker toy. UPAWS is a special organization that assists with finding so many animals with loveable, forever homes. I’m a competitor at heart so let’s make some donations and lock me up!

Bill Brutto

Bail $582.39 $251.38

Bill Brutto, Executive Director of UPAWS

After working in the non-profit/social service world for my entire adult life, I wanted an opportunity to work with animals, UPAWS was the perfect organization to work for as I have seen the care, rehabilitation, and adoption process for our animals and the impact of our work. I've accepted the challenge to be locked up for UPAWS because what a great way to fundraise for the animals in our community that need care and a new home. I want to be locked up for this good cause because of the passionate staff and volunteers that go to great lengths for the overall wellbeing of our animals and I want to do my part. So help me raise my goal of $500 or more!

Andrew Lorinser and Bentley Ray

Bail $500 $177.69

Andrew Lorinser and Bentley Ray

The Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter is near and dear to my wife's and my hearts. We support the mission because we've been so fortunate to be beneficiaries of it with our beloved dog, Bentley Ray.

After the passing of my best canine friend, I visited UPAWS's website to get some comfort from the smiling faces at the no-kill kennel. I stumbled on Bentley, an American Bulldog, and couldn't get his story out of my head.

Bentley needed a family. We watched videos of him on social media playing with his girlfriend Rosie and fell in love. The next day, I rushed to UPAWs to see if he and I were a compatible match. He was well cared for at UPAWS with great attentive staff, fully vaxxed, microchipped, and neutered. We got the complete package.

Bentley and I are grateful to be included in this fundraiser, and we're eager to get unlocked. Most importantly, it's our goal to raise more money than my dad. Sometimes Bentley gets confused about his best friend, so we need your help proving to Dr. Bob that the UPAWS community likes our puppy bromance better.

Like Dad, I encourage you to donate to both fundraisers, but give us a little bit more.

Lori Kulju

Bail $500 $150.89

Lori Kulju, Yooper Goddess

My sweet boy, Kosmo (German Shepherd) and my sweet boy Deano (Human Man) light up my life and make me smile every day! I have had the presence of a dog in my life since I was a baby, crawling around after Pepe Beano, a cocker spaniel, Other memorable pets include Barney, a mixed breed puppy and Pedro, a white German Shepherd. After Dean and I got married, we had a Shepherd named Kuga, then one named Edward and now Kosmo.

As the Yooper Goddess, I have generated quite a large number of followers on social media. I share many updates with them including our search for a new puppy and funny anecdotes about Kosmo. They've come to love him and often ask me about him when they see me around town.

There is nothing like the love of a dog to bring people together!

UPAWS is an amazing organization with wonderful staff and volunteers. While I'm not a big fan of sitting in a kennel all day, I would do anything to help support this organization, so please, please, please make it worthwhile. Please donate!! And if you can't donate, consider purchasing a Fetch! Dog shirt from www.yoopergoddess.com and the net proceeds from the sale now until the end of November will be donated to UPAWS.

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