Hello UPAWS:

 I heard that there was an inquiry about how Lily was doing and I wanted to send you an update! Lily is doing FANTASTIC!!!!! She is the most loving, sweet, caring dog I’ve ever met! We’ve had her over a year now, and she is so happy and spoiled in our home, we couldn’t be happier. We have two cats and Lily is so gentle with them! She is buddies with our cat Phoebe, which we also got from UPAWS. Our cat Howie, which we got from UPAWS is warming up to Lily and laying by her more and more. All three of our pets from UPAWS are so wonderful! They are so sweet and laid back, and we’ve never had a problem with any of them. They all have their own lovely personalities, and are fun to have in our lives. We love them all and couldn’t imagine our lives without them!

 When we adopted Lily, she was in the back of the kennel all by herself. She could not be around the other dogs. To this day, she still cannot be around other dogs. She gets very stressed when she sees other dogs and we’ve tried introducing her to other dogs and it just doesn’t work. We’re ok with that though!! She’s sweet to our cats, that’s all we’re worried about. When Lily is outside, she sees the neighbor dogs in their own yards and is ok with that. But, if dogs are walking by our yard (which she is territorial about) with their owners, she gets very nervous and stressed. She’s very territorial of our yard.

 She LOVES people though! Anyone who comes into our house to visit, she greets them with her tail wagging and wants to give kisses immediately. She loves her humans!! She has chosen me (Rachel) has her comfort person. She sleeps right next to me every night (EVERY NIGHT SINCE I PICKED HER UP)! Spoiled girl! She loves summer, sitting on the deck staring into the trees waiting for the chippies or squirrels! She loves to run run run!! She’s not great on the leash, so we take her where she can explore on her own and run without other dogs around! The loves squeaky toys and gnawing on Kevin’s old deer antlers! She’s such a little baby, we put a REAL baby nookie in her mouth and she’ll just lay on your lap and fall asleep! I feel like it calms her. She is a gentle sweet soul who just wants love!

 I’ve attached some pictures of Lily and our two cats, Phoebe (formerly Kytti) and Howie (formerly Blues). They bring us so much joy!! J We would like to thank everyone at UPAWS for everything they do!


Rachel and Kevin