Hello all!

I adopted Leonidas from UPAWS only 1.5 weeks ago, but I already want to share with you how far he’s come. He’s the most cuddly, affectionate, the silliest cat I’ve ever met. It hasn’t been long, so he’s still skittish and likes hiding under the couch, but he’s come a long way in just over a week. He eats in front of me and likes to be petted while he eats. He absolutely loves cheek and chin rubs, and he lays in my face and headbutts me to get my attention. He’s also been making a lot of biscuits on blankets and on me! I just wanted to update you on how he’s doing since everyone seemed to really care about him and were worried about how he’d be around people. I wasn’t expecting him to open up so quickly, but he’s very happy. I love this sweet goof.

Thank you for letting me bring home this perfect cat!