Lady Bird


We’ve kept Lady’s name the same since she is nearly four.  She is doing well, off most of her meds. She still has the leaking problem–that did not abate with medication–but we deal with it in the same ways that we do with our dog Abbey (another UPAWS baby). We put Lady outside as much as possible and have dog beds for her to lay on in every room. This seems to work better than the Proin, and the beds are easily washed when accidents happen.
Lady also still insists that cats are jolly good fun to chase, but Ron, Hermione and Vinnie (also UPAWS) are utterly unphased and rub against her instead of running–which is not nearly so much fun for Lady. The other cats appreciate Ron and Hermione’s help. Oh, and she also ate the arm of a recliner that I absolutely loathe. Good girl, Lady.
Otherwise, Lady is a perfect fit. Our household is full of activity, much of it outdoors, and this is what Lady needed. She loves to ski with me. She loves being a country / barn dog and only barks at the horses to try to make them play. She enjoys rabbit hunting with the men of the family and Brooke the Beagle is teaching her that a gunshot means score! (as well as that it’s normal to sleep until noon, but Lady won’t have any of that).

Well, I’m off to ski while it’s still light. Lady is getting impatient and running laps through the house:)

Take care,