Just a little update on our Kitsy! We got her 7-3-11 and we love her very much. When we came to pick her up the lady put on welding gloves to get her out of her cage but she loves her forever home. She has a lot of kitty beds all over her house and loves watching the birds and chippies. She has an older sister and they got along right away. There have been a few bumps along the way but she was so worth it. She goes to Paw-rif-ic once a month to get groomed and she’s not very fond of that but she comes home proud and beautiful. She came from a hoarding house and now is the princess of her house (her sister is the queen, of course). Thank you UPAWS. She now has the best forever home. We simply love her.

Jim and Diane Asikainen

Emma and Kitsy too