Jake (Drake)

What I forgot to tell you about Jake (Drake) is how smart he is.  He was 2.5 yrs. When we got him around Feb 1 2018 if you read what his previous owner said about him it was pretty dismal.  Well he’s 3 now and in 6 mos he has never pottied inside, bitten anyone and we have taught a dog that supposedly couldn’t be trained how to shake with both paws, sit and lay down with hand signals and to speak.  We haven’t been obsessed with training he learns in the morning with his one treat split 3 ways.  When we got him he was 42lbs, now he’s 62 lbs and his vet said he looks awesome and is right where he should be.  Let your adopters know that you can easily teach an older dog new tricks and very often the original owner is the problem and not the dog.  We love Jake and couldn’t have asked for a more loving (he’s a cuddler and a lap dog) dog.  The original owner really missed out on something special and we are glad they did.