Imagine TEN Friends!

The Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter would not be here today, or even thinking about a new shelter, without our friends and neighbors. As we get no operational funding from national organizations or from tax dollars, YOUR support is what keeps the homeless animals in our community safe and healthy until they find their forever homes. But now UPAWS needs to retire our 40 year old facility and find OUR new home.

Through the hard work of staff and volunteers, and the commitment and dedication of our friends and neighbors, we have raised over $2.8M toward our $3.7M goal. UPAWS is getting closer to our goal to build an animal shelter that can be more than JUST an animal shelter- it can be an animal community center!

Imagine a beacon of hope for homeless animals.  Imagine a new generation of animal sheltering.  Imagine the PAWSibilities.

TO HELP WITH THIS- Friends of UPAWS have pledged $10,000 for the new shelter and are CHALLENGING ten more friends to do the same!  This can be as little as $5.50/day to have a legacy of your friendship! Pledges can be paid monthly, quarterly, or annually and with designated areas for cats, dogs, small critters, large animals- there are plenty of ways you may show your care and support for the animals that you love.

Will you be one of the TEN FRIENDS? Find out how you can sign up by emailing !