Houdini aka River

Our furry friend who once went by Houdini now goes by the name River. She has acclimated extremely well to her new home. It took her less than a day to become fully adjusted!
We are beyond thrilled with River’s loving personality and are happy to call her a part of the family. She is just as vocal, playful, and sweet-natured as she was the first day we brought her home. River spends her days lounging on windowsills, running, climbing, and playing with her many toys. She enjoys people and loves to be the center of attention.
Overall, River is doing extremely well. She is a confident, energetic, and curious cat who prefers to spend her days with us. She is a conversationalist at heart, chatting us up when we get home each day. It’s not often we go more than an hour without seeing her!
We cannot thank UPAWS enough for the guidance they provided as we searched for a pet.
In the end, we are extremely happy with our choice. River appears just as thrilled.
Thanks, again!
Andrew and Shelby